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Open House, Dow Field, Bangor, 1945

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Open House, Dow Field, Bangor, 1945
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Dow Field had an "open house" where portions of the base were opened to the public as a public relations event. The purpose was to allow the general public (also friends and family of service persons) to see what the military was about. This photo shows a display of some of the various weapons used by the service personnel. Included are: .45 Model 1911 piatol, Model 1903A4 sniper rifle, Model 1903A3, Winchester Model 1917 trench shot gun, M-1 Thompson Submachine gun, M-1 Carbine, Model-1917 water cooled machine gun, Model 1922 target rifle, Model 1917 Revolver, and the M-1 Garand rifle being held by the soldier.

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